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Ned Wilson
2200 S. Hobart Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90018
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Visual Effects Artist
MEG/Warner Brothers
Burbank, CA, 2/2017 – present

Senior Compositor
Deutsch LA, Inc.
Playa Vista, CA, 12/2016 – 2/2017
Commercial Credits: Volkswagen: Bear Attack, Horserace, and Atlas

Senior Compositor
The Dark Tower/Sony & MRC
Hollywood, CA, 10/2016 – 12/2016

Lead Compositor
Legendary Pictures
Burbank, CA, 7/2014 – 10/2016
Software Used: NukeX10.0, Nuke Studio, Mari, Modo, Hiero
Film Credits: Warcraft (2016), Spectral (2016), The Great Wall (2016)

Senior Compositor / Lead Compositor
Venice, CA, 3/2014 – 5/2014
Commercial Credits: Samsung Galaxy 11: The Training, Clash of Clans: Japan/Korea

Senior Nuke Artist | Systems Architect
Thistlewit Productions/Walt Disney Studios
Los Angeles, CA, 11/2012 – 3/2014
Film Credits: Maleficent
Also: Designed and managed entire IT infrastructure for production, and automated all imagery conversions and delivery

Senior Compositor
Digital Domain
Venice, CA, 6/2012 – 11/2012
Film Credits: 47 Ronin, Jack the Giant Slayer, Oblivion
Commercial Credits: Toyota GT86, Hawken

Senior Compositor
Sony Pictures Imageworks
Culver City, CA, 2/2012 – 5/2012
Film Credits: The Amazing Spider-Man

Senior Compositor
Hammerhead Productions
Sherman Oaks, CA, 9/2011 – 2/2012
Film Credits: Guilt Trip, Prometheus, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

Senior Compositor
The Mill – LA
Los Angeles, CA, 8/2011 – 9/2011
Commercial Credits: Carl’s Jr.: Hamblor, Sony Playstation 3: To Jimmy

Senior Compositor
A52 | Elastic
Santa Monica, CA, 7/2011 – 8/2011
Commercial Credits: Arrowhead: Nature’s Fix

Senior Compositor
Scanline VFX
Los Angeles, CA, 6/2011 – 7/2011
Film Credits: Immortals

In-house Compositor
Marvel Studios
Manhattan Beach, CA, 4/2011 – 6/2011
Film Credits: Captain America

Senior Compositor
Digital Domain
Venice, CA, 3/2010 – 3/2011
Film Credits: Tron: Legacy, Real Steel

Lead Compositor
Method Studios
Santa Monica, CA, 7/2009 – 3/2010
Film Credits: A Nightmare on Elm Street ( 2010 ), I’m Here
Commercial Credits: BMW X1, Burger King: Tiny Hands, Band Hero

Senior Compositor
Scanline VFX
Los Angeles, CA, 3/2009 – 7/2009
Film Credits: 2012

Senior Compositor
Digital Domain
Venice, CA, 11/2008 – 3/2009
Film Credits: GI Joe: Rise of Cobra, Transformers 2

Lead Compositor
Riot Pictures
Santa Monica, CA, 10/2006 – 10/2008
Film Credits: Time Traveler’s Wife, The Spirit, Jumper, Creek, Dark is Rising, Live Free or Die Hard
Commercial Credits: Michelin, Pine Sol, Excedrin, NutriGrain

Technical Director
New Deal Studios
Marina Del Rey, CA, 02/2006 – 10/2006 [Staff], 09/2005 – 11/2005 [Freelance]
Film Credits: X-Men 3: The Last Stand, The Good Shepherd

Lighting Technical Director
Omation Studios
San Clemente, CA, 06/2004 – 02/2006
Film Credits: Barnyard

Jr. Compositor
Sony Pictures Imageworks
Culver City, CA, 02/2004 – 05/2004
Film Credits: Spiderman 2

Lead Production Services Technician
Sony Pictures Imageworks
Culver City, CA, 01/2003 – 02/2004
Film Credits: Hollywood Homicide, Bad Boys 2, Big Fish, 50 First Dates, Anger Management, Matchstick Men

Systems Administrator
Creative Visual Effects
Santa Monica, CA, 03/2002 – 12/2002
Film Credits: The Karate Dog, Baby Geniuses 2


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